About Us : Learning Environments


Noble Purpose: 


Inspiring Children To Learn

To inspire a positive attitude and support all members of our community to “learn how to learn” within an environment that is underpinned by the Montessori philosophy.


We will be a centre of excellence that seeks to begin to realise the immense potential within all as we grow independent learners who can make a valued contribution to their world.    


Bright Beginnings Montessori is a preschool and a nursery. We provide high quality care and education for children from the age of 3 months to 6 years. The only requirements we have is that children attend at least 2 Montessori sessions (4 or more hours) in the nursery and 3 in the preschool. We are licensed for up to 84 children including up to 24 0-2 year olds.

Our Nursery – “Montessori for Beginners”
The 'Pukeko Room'

Our Nursery is spacious, bright and airy and takes children from the age of 3 months to around 2 ½ years. Self contained from the rest of the Preschool, the Nursery contains its own kitchen, toilet facilities and a separate sleep area which caters for up to 20 children. Combined with a lovely large outdoor play area and excellent teacher to child ratios the Nursery provides a calm and nurturing environment for all who attend. The Nursery follows a Primary Caregiving System where each child has a Primary Career who helps them and their Whānau with settling into the centre, writing the child's learning stories and most importantly helps the child with all the care giving routines they may need such as bottles, nappy changing and sleeps. 


Our Preschool

Once children are ready to transition to the preschool, we arrange regular visits to the Butterfly Room so that they can comfortably become accustomed to their new environment. The Butterfly Room is where the children get to explore the Montessori experiences in more detail.

Once each individual child is ready, from around 3 ½ years old, they progress into The Fantail Room where they start to prepare for primary school. We believe the Montessori style gives children a head start when they go to school as by this point they have already learnt to both work independently and manage the routines expected from them.